Meet the Teacher - Mike the Permie!

Mike is the Co- founder and Director of the The Center for Creative Ecology. The Center is situated in Kibbutz Lotan in the southern desert of Israel.

Its a very hot place and if Mike can grow food here than you can do it where you live.

The Center for Creative ecology is a school for hands on learning based on Mikes philosophy that everyone is a teacher and everyone can choose to DO instead of just talk.

He is one of the first Permaculture instructors in Israel and has taken the formal Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) outdoors into the garden and called it The Green Apprenticeship Program - a month long adventure on Kibbutz Lotan. Due to Covid19 arriving in 2020 Mike decided it was time to bring the school online. This organic gardening course is part of his Green Apprenticeship Program and you will find Mike is an amazing educator. Together with Mike you will learn to plant food, make compost, learn about conservation and make your life richer and healthier.

Mike has gathered many qualifications over his lifetime so far but he started by training as a carpenter. He has a B.T.E.C (Business and Technical Education Council) Diploma in furniture studies – design/craft from the London College of Furniture. He also has a B.T.E.C Higher Diploma in furniture studies , design/craft from the London College of Furniture. Once Mike got into organics he started collecting more qualifications. The most important is his Organic Growers Certificate from the Israeli Organic Organization and Permaculture Design Certificate with teacher/author Graham Bell at Kibbutz Gezer.

Mike has led numerous projects and also become the pioneer by building the first recycling area in Israel. Due to his background in carpentry, Mike quickly began to experiment with natural buildings which effected to legalize the natural building regulations. He is the initiator of turning the voluntary ecological work into a formal kibbutz work branch and of the kibbutz decision to support the building of an educational eco-park. Mike is a fantastic teacher, bringing complex ideas into simple step by step plans. E

njoy the course!

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