How to make the best of this course

Welcome to our famous Organic Gardening course. We are so happy you decided to study with us. Though we cannot meet in person you can hopefully feel our energy from afar and enjoy our lectures and wonderful organic gardens. Please feel free to ask us questions throughout the course under each video.

We also invite you to join our private Facebook group. This group is ONLY FOR paying members of the course

The benefits of the Facebook group

  • The ability to meet gardeners from all around the world
  • Perhaps meeting gardeners in your local area that you can meet up with
  • The ability to ask Mike and the team burning questions when you get confused or need some clarity
  • A monthly LIVE call in the group with Mike where he will teach on a specific topic and answer questions
  • The ability to share your adventures, projects and pictures of your harvest and projects
  • The sheer joy of sharing the wonderland of growing your own food with others

You are also invited to have coaching calls with Mike, our gardening expert when you need more expert 1 - 1 advice. For more details contact us at [email protected]

How to make the best out of this course

  • It is best to watch the videos in sequence as they flow on from each other
  • We recommend watching the first time that you take notes as you go
  • You can always ask questions under the video and Mike or one of our team members will get back to you
  • Keep an eye out for the lessons that have PDF downloads. These complement the video or give extra information
  • Try out the quiz with most of the video lessons. They can help lock in some of the information from the videos
  • Join our Facebook community to share your trials and errors, projects, photos and plans.

Good luck!!

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